Bangkok - An Exciting Place to Visit


Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is situated at the delta of the Chao Phraya River. The city is centrally located, densely populated and a wonderful place to visit. Bangkok has evolved into a mega city of multifaceted cultural richness. The significance of this metropolitan city can be understood by the fact that it has remained one of the world's most visited cities year after year. It has been ranked as one of the world best cities to visit for many years. Bangkok is a fun, vibrant, exciting, fun city.

Have you ever thought of visiting Bangkok? If you do, here is a quick list of what Bangkok is all about and what you should put on your “to do list” to one of the world’s most exciting and vibrant cities.

1. Try all the street food your stomach can handle. Yes, even the insects and don’t miss the sticky rice (khao niaw). 2. Take tuk-tuks, they’re great fun. 3. Shop til you drop. There are many malls, markets and shops to buy from. 4. Go for a ride on the river ferry, it’s very inexpensive and fun. 5. On Sunday go to Chatuchak market, the world’s largest weekend market. Remember to bring cash. 6. Splurge and treat yourself to dinner at Vertigo, the restaurant on top of the Banyan Tree hotel. 8. Go to a night market. Khao San or Siam night markets are good choices. 9. Ride the sky train, but try to avoid rush hour. 10. Get a foot massage or a Thai massage. They are very cheap, awesome and easy to come by. 11. Wander the streets and just get lost. Take a public bus and let it take you to somewhere new. Bangkok is full of adventure. 12 Take a trip out of town. Go to one of the neighboring cities or visit one of the local beautiful beaches near and around Bangkok.

Most importantly, don’t let the 6.3 million people who call Bangkok their home get to you. It’s a big city, there is smog and traffic and it can sometimes unnerve you if you let it. But just like most other large cities there is beauty in the hustle and bustle and it never gets boring. There is always a new place to discover, a new flavor to taste, a new experience to live. Visit Bangkok with an open heart and an open mind and just like many others before you, you will fall in love with this exciting city.

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