How to Create the Perfect Packing List for Your Vacation?

Essential Packing List Shoes – Walking shoes/sports shoes; flip flops (beach shoes/thong-type shoes/toesies, Havanas); sandals in summer which can double for day or night wear and boots in winter.

Socks – At least one pair for each day and thermal in winter.

Leg Wear – 2 Jeans (one on you when you travel and one in your bag); 2 leggings for women (worn by themselves in summer or under jeans in winter); 1 other non-jeans pants (slacks, trousers, cargo pants, Dockers); shorts in summer (although knee length shorts or capris are preferable); 1 pair tracksuit pants (sweat pants/jogging pants) For women 1 skirt or summer dress.

Tops – 3 long sleeved T-shirts; 3 short sleeve T-shirts; 2 vests;  1 sweatshirt; in winter fleece top/jacket; light jacket; 1 cardigan(jersey, open front knitwear); in winter heavy coat; in winter turtleneck top or knitted top; waterproof light weight windbreaker( plastic poncho).

Underwear – Ideally one pair of underpants for each day; women 3 bras; in winter thermal vests and long johns.

Pajamas – Unless you have to have your PJs, double up and use your tracksuit pants and T-shirts as sleepwear.

Accessories and extras

Bathing suit

Belt if necessary


Hat, gloves, scarf in winter, sun hat in summer


Hair brush/comb

Hair accessories

Tooth brush and floss. It should go without saying that you should get that dental fix up before you travel, a tooth ache has the incredible ability to ruin even the most perfect situations. According to Bouverie Dental, the costs of emergency dental work while abroad can be well over two time the expected amount back home.


Tooth paste

ONLY if you will not be in a hotel which supplies these things then bring – shampoo, soap, small towel, moisturizer

Conditioner (even the best hotels seem to never carry a good conditioner)

Contact lens cleansing solution if needed


Ear plugs, eye mask, eye drops if you feel the need.

Make-up (minimum – eye-liner, mascara, lipstick) and make-up remover/make-up remover wipes.

Lip balm

Nail file/nail scissors

Female hygiene products

Razor or shaving kit

Wash cloth

Wet wipes

Sun block

Hand sanitizer

Other essentials

Electrical adapter for European voltage and plug shape


Phone recharger


Camera recharger

Money belt

Credit card



Documents – passport, visas, international drivers license, home drivers license, student/pension card, hotel vouchers, air-tickets, rail pass, any confirmation letters for things you've booked, prescriptions, photocopies of all the above to be kept in your luggage separately from the originals.

Sun glasses

Eye glasses


Guide book

Reading book


Prescription drugs


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