5 Top Destination for 2019


In 2019 the sand has settled in Egypt, home of one of the Seven Wonders of the World-- the Great Giza Pyramids. Egypt is making a comeback on the very top of the list of places to visit. Although the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum has been postponed yet again, just recently updated to sometime in 2020, the waitlists are growing steadily for hotels and top tourist attractions. The country has been highly regarded for its antiquities, national treasures, and hidden mysteries and still Egyptologist have uncovered more exciting discoveries. New mummies, sphinxes, and tombs have been uncovered and many are already accessible to the public.

In March 2019, Egypt will uncover the highly anticipated glamorous opening of the St Regis on the river. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors and breathtaking terraces will highlight Cairo's Corniche promenade and eager tourist will undoubtedly fill the rooms. There is no doubt that 2019 is the time to visit Egypt. Be the first to discover what's new and outrun the crowds ahead of the 2020 opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum.



Once named the "Gold Coast" and now regarded as the golden child of Africa, Ghana or "Warrior King" in Soninke language is an excellent destination for 2019. The organically beautiful and remarkable country has a history of a long and sturdy democracy and flourishing economy. One of the few English speaking countries in Africa, Ghana is absolutely a modern and diverse city with intact villages where tradition and modernism meet. A journey to Ghana is immersive and rich in culture and hospitality.

A true celebration of the past and the present. In Ghana history is everywhere. History of slavery is evident in its forts, castle, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Architecture originally built to support the slave trade is now transformed into museums that stand as vivid reminders of the past. These |remembrances of the past are must-sees while in Ghana and were visited by the Obamas in 2009 and Melania Trump in 2018.

2019, is the year for the world to experience the beauty, history, and thriving country of Ghana.

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The jewel in Colombia's crown. Bordered by walls erected in the 1600's the city is nicknamed La Ciudad Amurallada (or walled city) and is truly one of the most breathtaking and well preserved cities in Latin America. Overflowing with colonial charm, picturesque streets, and colorful and captivating architecture are just some of the reasons Cartagena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover the real Cartagena in 2019.

Discover Cartagena with Colesville Travel August 3 - 8, 2019


Peloponnese, Greece

The unmatched hospitality in this particular corner of the Mediterranean rivals those across the globe. A visit to Greece will prove that the Greek people are extraordinarily friendly and hospitable.

While Santorini and Mykonos may be crowded with tourist the Peloponnese is the destination for wellbeing and relaxation in 2019. This year marks the resume of rail service between Patras and Pyrgos and we imagine a better way to explore this region (we’ll maybe a time machine). In April 2019, Peloponnese will hosts Greece's first Iron Man race and the Peloponnese has more wineries and grape varieties than any other region in Greece.

Los Cabos, Mexico

There's never a bad time to visit the land where land and sea meet, also known as Los Cabos. But in 2019 new upscale hotels with dazzling amenities put Los Cabos on our list of destinations to visit. The perfect blend of relaxation and adventure and gorgeous blue seas elevates Los Cabos to the perfect destination for the whole family.

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