Travel Tip - How to Get Hotel Minibar Items for Less

Travel Tip - How to Get Hotel Minibar Items for Less



Have you ever fallen victim to the expensive minibar in your hotel room? After a long flight or late night, all those salty and sweet treats look so good—until you check the price list. But if you’re thirstily eyeing a $5 bottle of water, I have good news for you: There’s a trick that lets you indulge without overpaying.

Here’s How to Get Hotel Minibar Items for Less

Let’s say you check in and you’re super thirsty and you don’t feel like running back out to get water, but that standard-size bottle of Pepsi in your hotel minibar is $5. Drink it without regrets, and then the next morning (before you let in housekeeping) run down to the nearest grocery store or corner market, buy the same brand and size water for 90 percent cheaper, and replace the bottle in the minibar.

You can do this with many common items (candy, alcohol, etc.) without experiencing any issues, but there are a few things to look for:

Don’t try this hotel minibar hack with specialty local brands that will be hard to find—stick to easy items that you can get at pretty much any store without effort.

Check first to see if your hotel minibar has an electronic sensor that will automatically charge you if you remove an item.  If so, this hack won’t really work unless you’re willing to work to get the charge taken off your bill at the front desk after you’ve replaced the item.

Pay special attention to sizes—make sure you don’t restock the hotel minibar with an item that’s smaller or larger.

Make sure you replace the item before you take off the “do not disturb” sign, as housekeeping is generally responsible for refilling the minibar.

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