What Makes Cuba A Great Travel Destination?

What Makes Cuba A Great Travel Destination?

Old Cars in Havana

It’s well known that Cubans loves music and dance – with everything from Afro-Cuban rhythms to classic melodies permeating the atmosphere of clubs, bars, restaurants and street corners. The modern arts are also embraced here, with ballet, modern dance and film also rising in popularity, so much so that Havana is now home to many internationally recognized film, literary and music festivals.

Culture and customs

Rousing rhythms, luscious landscapes and loquacious locals make charismatic Cuba a top travel destination for lovers of music, food, culture and life! Offering so much more than antiquated cars and coveted cigars, Cuba has a bounty of beaches, villages, farms and forests for travelers to explore. Viva Cuba!

Cuban Women Dancing

This love of life is also evident in the street parties, festivals and fiestas that are celebrated throughout the year. Coffee, cigars and rum are consumed freely and people dance with confident grace as the sound of trumpets and guitars fill the air. Visitors to Cuba will soon be enamored with this uniquely infectious way of life and culture, not seen anywhere else in the world.

Eating and Drinking

Intrepid believes that one of the best ways to experience a country is by eating! Whether you're Sampling Street food, savoring a cheap eat or indulging in a banquet, there are endless options to choose from wherever you are in the world.

Cuba typically doesn’t have access to a wide range of ingredients, so your dining experience may not be as varied as you like. Regardless, there are still lots of great treats to savor.

Some of the foods you must try in Cuba are:

Things to try in Cuba

  1. Coppelia Ice Cream - This Cuban institution serves tried and true favorites like chocolate and vanilla as well as exotic favorites mango and coconut.
  2. Pastelitos - These small pastries can be either sweet or savory depending on the filling. Cream cheese, guava and beef are the most popular fillings and make for a cheap, tasty meal on the run.
  3. Fritura de Maiz - These deep-fried cheese and cornmeal fritters are a popular street food snack in Cuba and a great choice for vegetarians looking for a meat-free option.
  4. Rum - The tipple of choice in Cuba is rum. Savor some Havana Club Rum straight-up, have it mixed up in a minty Mojito or sip on a Cuba Libre.
  5. Coffee - Cuban coffee is of legendary quality, so be sure to get your caffeine-hit with a small yet rich cup of black gold.

Cuba is a lot of fun. Just have to go with an open mind and zero expectations and embrace it for what it is..which is pretty awesome and lots of fun but also very different!

Some other things to do in Cuba are: 

  • Stroll the streets of elegant Havana
  • Dive into the warm waters of the Caribbean in Guajimico
  • Try some salsa moves while dancing at Cuba’s clubs and bars
  • Admire the architectural triumphs of Cienfuegos
  • Relax on the beautiful beaches of Maria La Gorda
  • Be immersed in the Afro-Cuban rhythms of Trinidad’s music scene
  • Experience Cuban hospitality while on a homestay
  • Uncover Cuban history at Santa Clara's Che Guevara Museum
  • See the remnants of Cuba’s pirate past in Baracoa
  • Walk the character-filled streets of colonial Camaguey
  • Visit Cuba’s famous tobacco farms in Vinales
  • Travel through the majestic, tree-filled hills of Soroa
  • Admire the classic cars and historic buildings of Havana’s Old Town

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