Why doesn’t everybody use a travel agent?

Why do some people prefer to book their travels on their own vs. using an experienced travel agent?

It would seem like everyone would want to use a travel agent to help them book their travels since the majority of travel agents don’t charge a fee. Instead, most agents get paid via commissions and/or payments from the agency they work for, or the airlines and hotels they choose to work with.

While not wanting to pay a fee is the main reason why not everyone uses a travel agent because they think it’s going to cost them more money, travelers need to know that most travel agents won’t charge more than if a traveler were to book the trip themselves.

Another reason is that they don’t want to book a touristy trip. Lots of today’s travelers, both younger and older, want to experience the culture of a place they’re visiting. They think that agents only deal with popular or touristy destinations, which is just not true. There are lots of different types of niches agents specialize in nowadays, so there indeed is an agent available for every kind of traveler.

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A third reason is that they don’t think they’ll get the exact trip they want. Today’s travelers are looking for special trips, i.e., off the main road trips, all summer long trips, large group trips, mixing with the local's culture trips. There are definitely travel agents who specialize in off the beaten path trips, and they can be a considerable benefit when someone is booking a trip that involves a lot of details.

What would make more people choose to use travel agents services the next time they need to book their travels? They need to know the travel agent is going to give them the absolute best deal. They want to know what the entire trip will cost, and at the very beginning. Most travelers want to know upfront their total cost, which means giving them a quote. So if you're going to compete online, be sure to be open 24/7 and have a price match guarantee in place.


They also want perks. If they believe a travel agent can get them a free upgrade or other free amenities that will make their vacation more enjoyable, then they’re much more likely to contact a travel agent to assist them in booking their travels. When someone’s primary focus is getting the best deal when booking a trip, then it’s imperative for you to not only give them the best deal but show them how you did it. Lots of choices nowadays—online and physical travel agency locations—means travelers are comparison shopping. So be aware of what prices are out there when choosing to offer potential clients the best deals.


When travelers have a good experience with a travel agent, they’re likely to tell everyone they know about their experience. This is an excellent way for you to grow your business!