Washington DC

. Washington DC is the epicenter of American government and politics and serves as the capital of the United States. Home to historic monuments, national museums, memorials and government institutions, Washington is a fascinating destination to discover for both its history and modern-day culture.

On a day-to-day basis, the busy city buzzes with activity from the daily government workers in action to the many tourists that visit the city year-round to take in all the great attractions. This is where all the action is in terms of government and politics. All three branches of the federal government are located in DC in addition to foreign embassies and the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. American history buffs won't fall short of things to do in this town. Visit the White House, the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial and the Air and Space Museum, to name just a few. The colonial architecture and groomed gardens evoke images of the city's past. Beyond the museums and educational tours, DC also features great restaurants, shopping and places to be entertained like any other great city.

Often referred to as The District, Washington, or DC (for District of Columbia), the capital city is not affiliated with any of the 50 states and is instead overseen by the federal government. DC is located along the Potomac River and borders the states of Maryland and Virginia stretching out into suburban communities throughout what's known as the Washington Metropolitan Area.

While Washington DC was not always the nation's capital, it was decided in the late 1700s that a national capital must be established and eventually was established in the then uninhabited area along the Potomac near George Washington's home at Mount Vernon. The newly planned city linked the existing communities of Georgetown and Alexandria and served as the new hub of national government and eventually as a backdrop to some of the country's most pivotal moments and events in history.